Friday, April 20, 2012

Kill List

Harry Simpson and Neil Maskell are killers on the road in Ben Wheatley's Kill List
 ***1/2 out of ****

It's pretty hard writing about this one without giving a lot away. Roger Ebert says everything I think about this movie in his review. It is an excellently directed movie with an approach similar to the experimental work of directors like Soderbergh in achieving a very natural tone through invisible acting and practical camerawork.

At the beginning, it appears to be a family drama about an out-of-work father having difficulty with his wife. Then, surprisingly, his line of work is revealed to be killing people. He takes a hit-job and the story takes a turn I didn't anticipate. The film is not rated, but be ready for some grotesque violence.

The genre this film is destined to be doesn't seem obvious at all. The movie also doesn't necessarily make sense but that didn't disappoint me because I was just shocked with where it went. 

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