Friday, August 31, 2012


Filmed in 70mm! Holy crap! P.T. Anderson would be the man to utilize his budget to shoot a movie that way when he knows the days of film are numbered! I expect great weird things from such a great filmmaker of tonal masterpieces. Can't wait!

I don't know what it means to get Judge Dredd right except to never reveal his face. Judging by the trailer; Good cast, killer effects, and highly stylized. It may even make good 3D. We'll see.

Jennifer Lawrence continues to be hot in this formulaic looking thriller. Maybe it will be more than dumb-fun.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues to pick unique-concept thrillers. In this case he is returning to collaborate with writer/director Rian Johnson who directed him in the excellent Brick. On top of that, Gordon-Levitt is playing young Bruce Willis opposite actual Bruce Willis. Why? It's a time travel story with consultation from Shane Carruth (Primer). Coooooooool.

Maybe they should have called it Trouble With The Empty Chair. Clint Eastwood stars in a film directed by his long-time assistant director, Robert Lorenz. He plays a baseball scout working with his daughter played by Amy Adams. There's a good supporting cast too. This looks insanely safe.

Tim Burton does a remake of one of his earliest films. I saw it when I was a kid. I really liked it. It was very short and a wonderful spoof of the fifties horror genre. I can't believe he's getting away with a black and white movie in today's day and age, and a family movie at that! This looks pretty fun. I have a bit of faith this will be one of Burton's good movies but I wouldn't be surprised if it fails in theaters. Disney has a talent for making their good movies fail.

This looks weird. I want to see it. I'm also really curious what Lee Daniels would make after his brutally amazing film, Precious.

"Hello. My name is butter. I'll be your comedy for tonight. Please laugh here... here... and... here. Thank you very much." It looks like it has potential but it also looks like it goes for cheap mid-western mockery, which has been done to death. Still the films aesthetic obsession with art molded from butter, a great cast, and the assault on suburbia by the counter-culture with butter in between may lead me to give this one a chance. 

Ben Affleck goes for round three in his successful directorial career with a strange true story to tell about a covert operation to rescue US citizens in Iran during the revolution in 1979. How does Bryan Cranston have time for so many movies when he's busy cooking meth?

A crime-drama from Andrew Dominik, director of Chopper and The Asassination of Jesse James... Starring Brad Pitt at an enforcer and a lot of other cool people.

The return of the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer in one movie... that looks a little too ambitious for it's own good. Think Tree of Life and The Fountain hosting an orgy. Wow. 

So, this looks like a return to that all-too-dependable all-in-one-night comedy formula that made many eighties movies classics and others forgettable. Cute girls, Halloween, what's not to like? Looks a little raunchy for Nickelodeon.  

The story looks pretty run-of-the-mill for a modern animated family film, but the concept is ambitious! This looks to be for the video-game world what Who Framed Roger Rabbit was for the cartoon world. Plus, I love John C. Reilly.

Jesus Crza my nza! The RZA made a movie. That's crza. Insane cast too! With the help of Eli Roth this could be awesome or a complete embarrassment. It looks like a dream project for the Wu Tang Clan mastermind.   

The motion-capture animation of Tom Hanks playing Denzel Washington is so life-like. Great job Mr. Zemekis! It almost looks like you shot a real live action movie. Ha! Like you'd ever do that again.

This oddball Sean Penn performance was made forever ago and I guess they're just getting around to an official US release.

Bond movies are mostly the same in concept, which is why their quality is really a question of style. For film-fans, style really means who is playing James Bond and who is directing. Well, I can say without shame, that Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond ever. Now we have Sam Mendes directing, who sounds like the perfect man for a 007 flick. He thinks in terms of great cinematic spectacle and having directed Craig before in the gorgeous Road to Perdition, we may have a beautiful Bond movie to look forward to. It also has a very high-quality ensemble cast including Javier Bardem as the villain! It has to be better than Quantum of Solace.

I'm a little bummed that Liam Neeson, the giant, isn't playing Abraham Lincoln as planned, but when did Daniel Day-Lewis ever let anyone down? I see every Spielberg film. Even a bad Spielberg film has value that an average good movie lacks.

I love Joe Wright. His films are rich in a way that resembles the work of Kubrick whether they are a costume or contemporary drama. Collaborating his visuals with Dario Marianelli, one of today's best film composers, the result is always something tonally unforgettable. I've never read Tolstoy or any Russian literature for that matter but I'll be interested to see what fans think of this film. I love Keira Knightley too.

David O'Russell does a dark comic drama about an ex-teacher who returns from a mental institution to fix his life. It has Bradley Cooper in the lead, an ensemble of great actors and a re-appearance of Chris Tucker. Russell has been hit and miss with me, but he really came through with The Fighter a couple years ago. Let's hope he's got another good one here.

The movie version of a book I'd been told could never be a movie. Leave it to Ang Lee to be so ambitious. Let's hope it's not the same kind of ambition that resulted in Hulk

Bill Murray as FDR having an affair during the visit from the King and Queen of England. Looks like someone wants another Oscar nomination. This looks like Gosford Park/Downton Abbey-like dramedy material.

Last time I talked about this movie, it was part one of a two-part adaptation. Now it's been expanded into a trilogy. I'm really looking forward to this. I want to see a movie in 48fps and see if it works for this movie or not. Regardless, it will be released widely in standard 24fps. Yes, we've seen enough of this old trailer. Peter! Put out a new trailer already! This should be a fun trip back to Middle-Earth. 

Fans of the stage musical should be confident that the film-version is in competent hands with Tom Hooper (The Kings Speech) directing a cast of talented people. Hathaway and Jackman sure as hell can sing as well as they can act. I've never seen the show. I guess this will be my first experience related to it.


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