Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Hero 6

*** out of ****

While ambitious concepts are plentiful at the movies right now, I have to stop and acknowledge the pleasure to be found in the simplicity of a family movie that works. Disney’s latest is a delight. I had a very good time watching Big Hero 6, the story of a boy and a robot assembling a team of heroes in a futuristic japanesey version of San Francisco (It’s like a happy version of future L.A. in Blade Runner!) It's kind of interesting that this film and Interstellar both came out on the same day, and both feature a robot of unique imaginative design.

Loosely based on a Marvel comic, the movie is a very child-appropriate action comedy with a wonderful candy-colored palette and CG animation filled with lively characters. The good voice acting is an important contribution as well.

As always, don’t be late. The opening short is not to be missed.

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